Do you know the market value of your property?

Market value assessment

In 3 simple steps

01. Information

We know our way around Berlin property –whether it’s residential, commercial, or an undeveloped plot of land. We can help you with everything involved in a property evaluation, including the collection of all the necessary information about your property.

02. Analysis and valuation

Thanks to our many years of experience and first-class regional market knowledge, we’re able to generate a solid market value assessment for you. Our goal is to make a sale for you at the upper limit of the market price.

03. Results you can rely on

Our experts will take a close look at your property. After collating the relevant information, you will receive a PDF with a value range for your property. We’re always happy to assist you with a free on-site valuation of your property.

Good reasons

Market value of your property

Dealing with property size and conditions, types of use, energy characteristics of the property, the immediate surroundings and urban circumstances, as well as foreseeable future developments of the region are tedious. Save yourself the time and leave the problems to an expert.

We believe the market valuation of a property is best left to experts. A market value that is set too low can lead to a sale below market value, while a price that is set too high can scare away prospective buyers. We work with professionals to determine the ideal price for your property.

A sound, objective valuation gives you a clear idea of how much your property is worth, right now. This is important: Because negotiations take place on the basis of the market value, having a clear idea of your property’s current value allows you to decide for or against a sale, early on.

Your individual situation

When does an evaluation make sense?

Upcoming sale

A market value assessment is always important so that an owner wants to know exactly what price they can expect. This is particularly important if the property is to be sold at the highest possible price. If you know what your property is worth, you’ll be in a better position to get the right offe

Upcoming purchase

Buying real estate is a big investment. In order not to be faced with unexpectedly high costs later on, an accurate valuation of a potential purchase property is crucial. In the case of an upcoming purchase, the market value also helps to find the right purchase price and thus gives you more security. Based on this, you can decide whether the purchase price for a property is justified.


Anyone who inherits a property may find themselves faced with many unanswered questions. In fact, very few people are familiar with inheritance taxrules. A market value assessment provides a good basis for any analysis. Certainty about the actual value of the property is crucial. For example, if an heir plans to move into the inherited property, he or she will have to pay off the other heirs. An accurate market value assessment is essential, here.


In order to ensure that a divorce proceeds fairly, an objective property valuation is helpful. It provides an initial overview and thus prevents unnecessary disputes. In the case of joint assets shared by the spouses, a property valuation can play a central role when it comes to determining how assets are divided between the spouses in the event of divorce.

Rebuilding, renovating

Moving, remodeling or starting new construction? The market value assessment will help you decide which option is the most cost-effective and best-suitedfor your needs.We will be happy to advise you. With the help of our expertise,we’ll weigh the advantages and disadvantages of your various options for you–down to the last detail.

Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners Insurance

Residential building insurance protects you against the loss of a building. To ensure this protection is complete, an exact calculation of the sum insured is essential. The insurance company uses the market value to determine the amount needed for reconstruction.

Free of charge and without obligation

Your possibilities

An online market value assessment enables you to obtain an initial property valuation -and thus a preliminary offer price -without much effort. For a more precise result, the key data you provide is taken into account and compared with similar properties in your area.

If you would like more detailed information regarding your property, please contact us for a free on-site consultation.

Online market value determination

On-site valuation

To determine the market value, we compare the key data of your property with comparable data of other properties in your area. The artificial intelligence algorithms used by our experts are designed so precisely that the final result can be relied upon. With the help of this method, subjective estimates can be excluded. 

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When does an evaluation make sense?

It makes sense to have an appraisal done by the appraiser if you want to know how your property compares to the competition in the market. The reasons for this range from buying and selling interests to divorce, inheritance and much more. Basically, the valuation by an expert is recommended, as you will have a secure working basis.

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